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Experience is the Difference!


We don't sell houses in a vacuum! It takes a tremendous amount of work and expertise to sell a house! I'm a realtor, and my specialty is property valuation, placement and marketing. I am not a decorator or a home stager, and I am not a photographer or a videographer! And with my busy schedule, it simply isn't possible or realistic for me to keep up on the new trends and algorithms being used in online advertising.

This is why I employ top professionals in their respective fields to take care of those details! Every listing is different, and every house is different! We customize our approach to suit the specific needs of each client, and each home!

Cerina & Mary are my stagers/decorators extraordinaire! Their keen eye for home decor is crucial in ensuring a home shows to its full potential! They take care of all the details, whether that be a full stage for a vacant home, to a simple decor consultation for an owner occupied home. They use all the furnishings and home decor pieces we have here at Lake City Realty to ensure the best possible presentation of your home.

Photography is the single most important part of a listing! This is what most people look at to make their decision to view a property or not... Belinda and the team over at ReelEdge Productions photograph every nook and cranny of your home, and create some truly stunning visuals! They ensure proper lighting and effects at all times, to make sure we show your home in the best light possible!

For my videography, I like to Rogan Burrows with Hunu Media. He's truly one of the best in the biz, and always brings a ton of energy on video production days! His insight into what will make a good shot, and structure of the videos is invaluable! He really does do a great job helping direct and produce the videos, and the results here speak for themselves!

For our online and digital marketing, Lake City Realty employs Brianna North as our Media Marketing Coordinator. She is a real rockstar! She is constantly researching the newest trends in digital advertising, and staying on top of the various changes to the different online platforms (including social media networks), to ensure our ads get the visibility we want! Once I have completed my packaging, and determined my target market for the specific ads I am looking to run, Lindsay takes it from there and builds all our stunning ads, and implements the marketing strategies including the specific targeting we are looking to do. She is very much behind the scenes, but is an integral part to the marketing process! She is also the one who visits all my listings to complete the scans for the virtual/3D tour. This gives her an opportunity to view each and every listing, and offer input and insight on the marketing plan! I couldn't do this without her!

And, no office is complete without the office mom! Lorie Landry, our administrative assistant takes care of all that pesky paperwork that needs to get done for the lawyers and regulatory bodies, so that I can focus on what's most important in this business - the Client! One of the best parts of my day is walking through the front door at the Lake City office, and always being greeted with a warm good morning! She really does spoil us here!


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