Sudbury is known for many things, including Science North, the Big Nickel, and the Sudbury Wolves. However, one of the city's lesser-known but equally impressive features is its vibrant culinary scene. From local gems to chain restaurants, Sudbury offers a wide range of dining options that cater to everyone's tastes. Driving through the city, every corridor is lined with restaurant after restaurant. 


As a foodie and a longtime Sudbury resident, I thought it would be helpful to share my top five favourite local eateries. These are the places that I frequent the most, and have grown to love over the years. Additionally, they are all locally owned and operated, making them a great way to support the community while enjoying some delicious food made with fresh ingredients.


Without further ado, here are my top 5 favourite local restaurants, with a menu recommendation for each!



5 - The Kouzzina (or for you locals P&Ms!)


I can’t say enough about this place! Junior and Leslie have created a warm and inviting atmosphere. The menu is part-greek, part-italian, but completely delicious - all without breaking the bank! And their patio is probably my favourite in the city! This is often a go to restaurant for me when I am looking for  place to eat on a weeknight because I worked late and don’t feel like cooking.


Menu Recommendation - Try the veal chop. It’s not something you will see on a lot of menus, and worth the price. Pair it with a glass of Pinot Noir.



4 - The DogHouse (or as the locals call it, the Dog!)


I was no stranger to the Doghouse, having been to the downtown location many times for a pregame pint or two! Having lived in Azilda, I became a regular at that establishment. What most people who have been will agree on, is that they probably have the best wings in town! I know, that is always a question that is open for debate, with everyone having their favourite wing place. But for me, this is the place. And the regulars will tell you, the secret flavour menu is something you will have to learn from trial and error even thought he staff may let you in on the secret a bit… And don’t be surprised if you show up for Sunday brunch and can’t get a table right away!


Menu Recommendation - Try the Franks Butter Hot flavour on your wings, which should pair well with your favourite brew.



3 - The Apollo 


This for many years was a restaurant I overlooked, until a friend brought me there and started a decade-long love affair! Don’t come here expecting fine dining, but that doesn’t mean the quality is not there! This is homestyle greek cuisine, the way mom made it! Except your hostess/mother is owner Toula, who’s warmth and hospitality are unparalleled! With a variety of pastas, meats and things from the sea, you’re sure to find something to love on this menu!


Menu Recommendation - Without question, the rack of lamb, which is what I eat 2/3 of the time I come here. Pair it with a glass of Chianti.



2 - Respect is Burning


Sorry Mark, but if you’re reading this I only had room for 1 brother on my list, and I had to flip a coin to choose… Owner/Operator Rob Gregorini, from the culinary family that has brought you some of Sudbury’s favourite eateries bring you this casual dining hotspot. The menu is rustic in nature, with a strong emphasis on flavour. With a variety of shareable plates, to pastas, pizzas and meat entrees, I have yet to order something and have it be a miss… And considering I have eaten here 200 times if I’ve eaten here once… And I loved the take-out menu they introduced during the pandemic - something I took advantage of a time or two! This is a great date-night spot before going to a show at the theatre or arena.


Menu Recommendation - Split a pasta as an appetizer, before moving on to an entree. I’d offer a wine pairing, but that will depend on the combination chosen… If unsure, any of the Valpolicellas on the menu should pair well with most anything on the menu.



1- Mr Prime Rib


I am often asked what my favourite restaurant in town is. People who know me know that I am passionate about food and culinary experiences. And although several restaurant count themselves among my favourites, and having my favourites based on cuisine… This one really is the top for me!


The menu is classic steakhouse, with a greek twist… And they must be doing something right, having just celebrated their 56th anniversary! The Roumanes family has created a relaxed atmosphere, and son Sam ensures exceptional service that keeps generations of customers coming back. In his own words “It’s not modern inside, but we care and we are here everyday. We don’t lead by arm’s length. Some would say our interior is outdated, but we feel it is a classic beef house experience. And our customers have been the air beneath our feet.” I couldn’t agree more!


All that being said, I absolute LOVE the recent rebranding they have done, and the new signage and menus that have come with it! If you haven’t been, this is one you need to visit!


Menu Recommendation - Start with the Octopus (in my opinion, it’s the best in town, a fact that Sam is very proud of, and an opinion he’ll happily share), before moving on to your favourite cut of beef. Pair with a glass of Chianti.



A couple restaurants that didn’t make my list, but I feel deserve an honourable mention are Tommy’s Not Here & Verdicchio’s. Both are excellent if you are looking for a little more of a fine dining experience.


Do you have a favourite restaurant that didn’t make my list? Drop a comment below, and let everyone know where and why!